How to Select the Proper Rug Size for Your Living Room According to Interior Designers?

Rugs are more than just floor coverings; they are long-lasting, visually appealing elements that add character and comfort. They play an important role in the unparalleled improvement of your floor surfaces. Rug Dubai has compiled a thorough guide to assist you in selecting the appropriate rug size for your living space. By following these guidelines, you can easily choose a suitable piece that not only meets the size criteria but also complements your home concept and decor.
Choosing the Right Rug Size for Your Living Room | A Complete Guide
To select the appropriate size rug for living room décor, consider aspects such as furniture layout and available space. A rug is the sole ornamental component that can connect all of the furniture and other decorative elements in the living room. So, never choose a rug that is too small or too large, since this might hurt the mood of your living area.
Standard Rug Sizes for various Room Areas
It’s simple to choose a rug for a small space because you only need to cover the floor surface under the quirky table rather than the entire seating area. Rugs measuring 5/7 or 7/9 feet are suitable for such areas. A standard-size rug to cover a centrally located table is a universally applicable option for tiny rooms.

For Medium Room Area
If your living room has a medium surface area and a small number of furniture pieces, you can go with an 8/9 or 8/10 foot-sized rug. Medium-sized rooms typically have only the necessary furniture, such as two 2-seater sofas, a coffee table, two chairs, and a main table.

For Larger Room Area
Before deciding on a rug size for a larger living room, you should take specific floor measurements. If the room surface is covered by a sofa set, side tables, chairs, and/or a center table, you must select a 9/12 or 12/18-foot rug.
Important Tips for Choosing the Right Rug for the Living Room
To select a custom-made size rug, follow the following guidelines.

Don’t choose rugs that are too large and touch the wall; instead, leave enough space between the rug endpoint and the wall.
To cover side tables, make sure the rug you choose is at least 8 inches wider than the sofa ends on both sides.
For a larger room, try to find a rug that can cover both the front and back legs of the sofas or couches.
For extra-large rooms, multiple rugs can be used to define different areas.
For small spaces, avoid large-sized rugs because they can feel overwhelming; instead, choose a rug that only covers the front legs of furniture.
Aside from size, you should consider the living room’s interior theme, wall color, flooring, furniture color contrast, and patterns.
Benefits of Choosing the Right Size Rugs for Your Living Room

A perfectly sized rug will always create a welcoming environment for your guests, friends, and family.
Choosing the right rug will also provide unparalleled elegance, maximum comfort, and exceptional durability.
A properly sized rug on the living room floor reduces the possibility of dirt and dust accumulation.
An appropriately placed rug can also be used to divide the living room space into tidy sections based on furniture placement patterns and layouts.
Coming to an End!
To summarize this article, selecting the appropriate rug size for your living room is critical for not only improving an interior’s aesthetic value but also reducing its maintenance requirements. Carpets in Dubai has described the best strategies for purchasing a perfect and affordable rug that will look great on your living room floor. Furthermore, we have listed some significant advantages of selecting an appropriate rug.

How to Select the Proper Rug Size for Your Living Room According to Interior Designers?